Installing an antivirus is not a big deal, you just have to follow few simple instructions and then you will get the antivirus for your system. But the important thing is to get the best virus protection which is not available with every antivirus soft-ware. You have to get the antivirus which is able to update because you never know when your system will get exposed to a new kind of malware so your antivirus should always be ready and updated to fight any kind of virus of malware. While getting an antivirus cleaner, you need to see some features in that which is very important to be in that. These are the feature which you should see:

Anti malware: Your antivirus should have the ability to fight with the malicious softwares which are harmful for your system. These are commonly known as the malwares and there are several different types of malwares present on the internet so a good antivirus should be able to detect and remove all types of malware. If it is unable to detect any one or two kinds of malwares then your system may get attacked by then because your antivirus failed to detect them at the right time.

Browser exploits: When you are going to get an antivirus and you use your system for so many confidential work then you need to see the feature of protection from browser exploit in your antivirus. This the thing used by hackers who steal your click and use it anywhere else without your intention. You will never know about that click but the hacker will do it through imitating your click action and it can be very lethal for you especially when you are using your system to deal in money. You have to get an antivirus which is able to detect these exploits and warn you about it immediately.

Anti-virus: As it name indicates you need to see that your antivirus should be able to work against the suspicious activities that come from the outside in to your system. This can come from anywhere like from a website you searched, through a USB device or through an unknown email which you clicked without carefully reading about it. Your system needs protection against all these viruses and also your antivirus should be able to block activity site.