Buying a second-hand tractor has pros and cons. On the other side if you buy a brand-new tractor it will come with its pros and cons too. The first thing that matters is your budget of buying a tractor whether it’s new or used. You have to analyze what is your purchasing cost.

The first thing you should focus on is what your work requirements are. For how much time on daily basis you want your tractor to work. Then according to that work for how many years you think your tractor will survive.  If the tractor is undersized according to your work requirements then it will not fulfil your needs and demands. So your decision must be made according to your work load. If you go for second hand used tractor. It will save your maintenance cost. Also focus on one thing that don’t buy very old models. Because they’re machines and machines have life too. Old tractors won’t work up to your expectation. You will always spend your time in workshops repairing your tractor.

The most important thing is your budget just like we discussed before. If you go for second hand used tractor then it must be maintained well. Because the first owner has also used the tractor to its best. So, you should bring your own mechanic with you when you go for a purchase to see if there are any flaws or not. If you buy a second-hand used MF 290 tractor and MF 265 tractor, it will save you a lot of cost and time which is very beneficial for you and your farm. Tractor is an investment and when you invest you look for a return. The return on your tractor is the work which is being done by that tractor. So, every decision matter. If you buy a new tractor then all the saving from cost and time will be invested there so it’s a close decision which must be made according to your budget.

The features also speak. Many tractors are coming with advance features so you must concentrate on that too. The quality of the tractor and well-known brand speaks for itself. There are many brands that made long life tractors. These points will help you in buying old or new tractor. The main concern on buying tractor is that you want your farm tasks done to be perfect.