This was a difficult page to put up.

I have a lot of pride and I never like taking any sort of assistance. I hate it when people help me with anything and I try to repay them. A lot of it has to do with how much I dislike selfish people…that and I always want to be the one giving, not receiving.

It finally took someone sitting me down and putting it in terms I could understand. They said, “It’s only ‘taking’ if you’re not doing anything for it. If someone wants to give you something ’cause they think what you’re doing is good, then give them the chance. You’ve already earned it, that’s why they want you to have it, or they have faith that you will use it in a good way. And I know you ain’t the kind of person to waste it. Get rid of the pride—you got a family to take care of and you are trying to do good things.”

So I began to rethink it all and finally decided to give people a means to drop money in the “hat” so to speak.

Thanks everyone for having faith in me and the things I’m trying to do. God only knows how much I’d like to see an end to the suffering, and how much I want to keep fighting to end it.

Here’s the link: