The Religion of Coal

I usually avoid religion in my posts since it is such an inflammatory subject, but I can no longer ignore the inclination of some people to apply religious morality to the subject of coal mining. “If God didn’t want us to use coal, he wouldn’t have put it there!” I've heard it a dozen times... Continue Reading →

Ignorance – Fighting the Appalachian Stereotype

Courtesy: Berea College Appalachians have been looked down upon, made fun of, and dehumanized based on the stereotypes of being “uneducated,” “backwards,” or just down right “ignorant.” Because of this, people now tend to tip toe carefully around the subject of Appalachian intelligence. I myself would often denounce such stereotyping, but as of late I... Continue Reading →

True Appalachians

We are finding more and more ways to overextend ourselves in Appalachia . Our wants create debt—our debts force us to work dangerous unsustainable jobs. Nice homes, nice vehicles, nice this…nice that…. Happiness is no longer admiring the small things—happiness became what people on TV told us it should be, it became what salesmen and... Continue Reading →

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