Economic Desperation Blackens Coal Miner’s Lungs—Not Ignorance

Back lung among Appalachia’s coal miners has once again made national headlines, and in almost clock-work fashion, many self-righteous individuals took to social media channels to deplore Appalachia’s presidential voting choices. Some of the more common remarks have been, “That’s what they get,” while others attempt to benignly question the region’s intelligence with questions such... Continue Reading →

Coal Miners Are Good People

People ask me "Why do Appalachians vote against their own best interests?" Some are friends who are honestly trying to understand the situation from a point of concern. I know that they seek the cause for the discrepancy, rather than assume coal mining families are incapable of making intelligent political decisions. The question still stings... Continue Reading →

To Hell with Friends of Coal

I've long preached that the Friends of Coal is a coal industry organization created by associations of coal companies such as the West Virginia Coal Association and the Kentucky Coal Association. These organizations are not about helping miners, they are about helping themselves to higher profits with little regard to the health and safety of... Continue Reading →

National Miner’s Day

Ludlow, Colorado Union Tent Camp Today, coal companies across the nation are "honoring" coal miners. Alpha Natural Resources put up an image of three women coal miners on their Facebook page supporting National Miner's Day. I posted the following comment which sums up how I feel about coal companies and National Miner's Day... "If they... Continue Reading →

Laid Off

Over the past few years, we have witnessed an amazing downturn in the coal industry. Mines all throughout Appalachia have closed, leaving thousands of coal miners and their families in dire straits. For as long as the coal industry has existed, the people of Appalachia have lived at the mercy of a boom and bust... Continue Reading →

"Coal is all we’ve got"

My father told me and my brother on more than one occasion, "I wish I had've got you boys more when you were growing up. A lot of the guys at the mine were buying their kids new four wheelers and things. They'd buy bass boats, and campers and take their families to the lake... Continue Reading →

Job Alternatives for Coal Miners

If you ask a coal miner about the "War on Coal," chances are you'll get an earful about the EPA, President Obama, and all the environmentalists who don't care about coal miners and their families. You'll probably hear that coal mining is all there is in an area where no job alternatives exist to make... Continue Reading →

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