Coal Pic Cross Hard Hat 500 x 500

The Thoughtful Coal Miner is the embodiment of coal miners throughout the world, men and women who understand the truth about the coal industry and resist their profit driven motives. They are coal miners who seek a better future for their children and grandchildren—a future beyond coal.

The Thoughtful Coal Miner was created two months after I left my job as an underground mine electrician. Having been raised in a union family, my experiences working in today’s largely non-union industry left a terrible impression on me. The push for production and worries of job security had turned many good people against one another, breaking some of the last bonds that held our communities together.

The blog became my outlet for addressing the many issues I saw impacting coal miners and their families. Within the barrage of pro-coal messaging that countered environmental advocacy, I sought to remind people of the true nature of the industry. Today the blog has become much more than my voice and the “Ideas, iterations, and lamentations of a former coal miner.” It has become a voice for coal miners everywhere, each of whom have taken time to understand the bigger picture, and who seek justice for their communities.

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-Nick Mullins