TCM is now on YouTube

I started this blog some 6 years ago and it has gotten a decent amount of attention, but it still hasn’t reached the audience I’ve been hoping to speak to. In the last few months I’ve put a lot more effort into getting the message I’ve been preaching on this blog out to a larger audience. I’ve written an op-ed or two, an article, and rode the wave of media attention surrounding Trump, coal, and Appalachia, doing a few interviews with national media or directing them to other resources in the region. And of course working a bit in film and visual media.

I’ve spent the last month especially¬† starting a YouTube channel which I’m pleased to announce here on the blog today. Content is still a little slow coming, but stay tuned for weekly updates as I try to cover many of the topics I’ve covered here on the blog.

TCM Youtube Channel.jpg

Click HERE to go to the channel.




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