2017-18 Tour


How did we get to this point?

After countless hours of hard work and millions of dollars of investment in various forms of activism, Donald Trump was still elected as the 45th president of the United States. Almost all of the work towards a just energy transition has been signed away within his first six months, and there are no signs of it stopping anytime soon. To make matter’s worse, Trump is furthering an age-old divide at the cost of social justice that has more than once resulted in intense suffering—and even war.

Many people are left wondering what has happened and what to do next. Appalachia has risen as the microcosm for larger issues within our nation’s political divide, but national media has only scratched the surface of the region, often exploiting social issues and leaving the nation to ponder long held stereotypes. Without understanding the deeper issues affecting Appalachia and other regions like it, little will be accomplished in bridging the divides of our national consciousness.

Beginning in October, Nick Mullins, former fifth generation underground coal miner and author of The Thoughtful Coal Miner (www.thethoughtfulcoalminer.com), will be going on the road to tell his personal story and discuss the economic and political forces that turned one of the nation’s largest strongholds of labor rights into a pro-coal, anti-environmentalist region. Through his presentations, Mullins will seek to help audiences understand the larger implications of Appalachia’s recent socioeconomic and political upheavals as they pertain to the nation’s progress towards addressing environmental issues and climate change.

Topics will include:

  • Outside Exploitation of Appalachian Resources and People
  • Corporate Manipulation of Cultural Values
  • Environmental/Liberal Backlash in Rural Communities
  • The Power of the Jobs vs. Environment Debate
  • And Learning How to Communicate Across Political and Cultural Lines

In addition to presentations and lectures, screenings of the documentary film Blood on the Mountain (www.bloodonthemountain.com) will be offered.*

Dates and Areas

October – November 2017
Mid-Atlantic & Northeast

January – February 2018
Southern US

March – April 2018
West and Mid-West

Donations are also being accepted to pay travel and living expenses so that speaking engagements can be offered to groups and venues at reduced rates, or for free where honorariums cannot be obtained.

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*Public screening/library licensing fees will apply to postsecondary educational institutions.

**Dates and weeks are subject to change dependent upon the number of requests