Blood on the Mountain

If you haven’t heard about the new documentary Blood on the Mountain—you should.

No other film has taken such a broad view of the political corruption and exploitative nature that is the Appalachian coal industry.

For decades the industry has re-written our history and turned us against ourselves for their benefit, reducing labor costs and avoiding laws meant to protect coal miners and their families. Today, we know the truth.

This film should be standard viewing for all citizens of the mountains—especially our children.

Our past is worth knowing so we can understand the present.


For more information about screenings and release dates, check out their website www.bloodonthemountain.comFacebook ,  and Twitter.


2 thoughts on “Blood on the Mountain

  1. Folks are advised to compare BLOOD ON THE MOUNTAIN that was censored by WV PBS with the New England version of our history being aired next week on a Mass. PBS station…. Be sure to attend session at the App. Studies Conference in March where Michael Kline, Brandon Nida, and Wess Harris(yours truly) will look at recent discoveries regarding our history and begin the long overdue discussion of reparations from the coal barons to coal diggers.


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