Alpha Natural Resources: Running Right….off of a cliff.

Wall Street Journal

Alpha Natural Resources in Talks to Obtain Bankruptcy Financing

Alpha Natural Resources. Running Right… of a cliff and taking thousands of mining families with them.

The coal industry has not changed and once again, the upper echelons of the coal companies will take their money and run while they leave everyone else to suffer.

What has the coal industry done in the past 5 years to help alleviate the economic devastation their industry has left Appalachia with?


What are their politicians saying, those who received large contributions to their campaign financing like Mitch McConnell and Hal Rogers, Morgan Griffith, and countless local politicians? Are they still busy playing the blame game rather than taking up the reigns of serious economic development (and I for one, do not consider the SOAR conference to be anything more than a publicity stunt)?

Everyone has been a Friend of Coal for over a decade now. How much of a friend will coal be in return.

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