Two coal plants in Ohio part of AEP closings

The Columbus Dispatch – AEP’s Picway plant south of Columbus has been available at times of high demand but has not been used since mid-2013.

After reading the article Two coal plants in Ohio part of AEP closings, I can’t help but wonder why people keep saying “Coal’s all we’ve got.”

As the world transitions away from using coal to generate electricity, people in coal producing communities need to watch their politicians very closely. People need to see whether the politicians they elected are helping coal companies fight a losing battle that will ultimately leave the coalfields in a deepening economic crisis, or if those politicians are working to bring in job alternatives to save the people. I’m sure all sorts of excuses will be made as to why coalfield economies are so terrible (citing terrain, infrastructure, etc.) but I think we need to look at other mountain areas that have no coal and see how they’ve fared.

Someone once called it the “resource course” and Appalachia is not alone. Everywhere in the world you find massive wealth being extracted in the form of natural resources, you find a local people completely screwed over.

3 thoughts on “Two coal plants in Ohio part of AEP closings

  1. I just watched a 12 year old in Canada questioning the ‘debt’ economy of her nation. We’re all slaves to the banks as we are obligated to serve this….


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